Nir and Eric had an intense time at IT Expo. Here are some photos from their panels and presentations:


Panel: Creating Contextual Experiences by Embedding Voice and Messaging into Apps

Eric at Contextual Voice panel

Eric Klein, Greenfield Technologies Ltd
Track: All About The API

Description: The telecommunications industry is huge, but innovation is hampered by the complexity and amount of time it takes to navigate the telephone network. New providers armed with powerful APIs, are transforming the industry by giving developers direct access to the carrier network, leading to the reimagining of calling and messaging apps and services into thousands of use cases that weren’t previously practical. Dragging the industry into the 21st century requires programmatic control to be delivered to developers so they can integrate carrier-grade services into their applications and services to enhance the user experience and the economic potential of their ventures.


Panel: The Evolution of Networks and Services: How Virtualization is Shaping the Solutions of Tomorrow

Nir VNF panel

Nir Simionovich, Greenfield Technologies Ltd
Track: IT Expo

Description: The shift to NFV is reshaping the telecommunications landscape by shifting importance away from the traditional switch and router hardware and on to the server. By changing the fabric of the legacy proprietary infrastructure, NFV is transforming the culture of the industry as a whole. Carriers and ISPs have begun extending beyond their domestic markets with virtual network extensions that allow their customers to seek new market opportunities, by quickly deploying new networking services or scaling existing services to meet changes in demand. The transformation towards virtualized network platforms is still in its early stages of what is predicted to be a 15-year maturation period, however the industry can expect a rapid jump in the global NFV market from US$2.3 billion to US$11.6 billion in the next four years according to data from IHS’ July 2015 report. This session will explore how NFV and other related technologies are changing the way service providers are approaching their future.


Asterisk ARI Primer

Nir Ari talk

Nir ARI talk room (Duffet)

Nir Simionovich, Greenfield Technologies Ltd

Track: Asterisk World

Description: The Asterisk ARI (Asterisk RESTful Interface) is quickly becoming the preferred way to use Asterisk for many web developers and communications solutions designers. Attend this presentation to learn the essentials to get going with this flexible approach to integrating Asterisk.
Your presenter, Nir Simionovich, has been using Asterisk for many years, both natively and through the various interfaces available – and is just the right person to guide you to getting the best results from using the ARI.


VoIP Security 101 – What You Need to Know

Eric at security talk Eric security talk room

Eric Klein, Greenfield Technologies Ltd

Track: Asterisk World

Description: Can your company afford to ignore VoIP security? With the number of attacks on your telephone services and mobile devices your chance of being attacked and financial liability is at an all time high.

This session offers an introductory primer to securing your VoIP PBX. This talk will include explanations about common attacks, how they can find you, and common techniques you can use to defend your company.

There was an example of attacks and included a screen capture of a (failed) brute force attack on a PBX.