is a CPaaS designed to support non-telecom companies that want to provide voice services as part of their mobile app or products. It is based on a set of cloud-based communications APIs designed to remove the pain of knowing how to configure for each Android® or iPhone® device and operating system version.


The PaaS is a carrier grade VoIP Switching Platform, designed for creating highly scalable IP Communications services. Ranging from mobile video applications, to VoIP termination services, through MVNO.






Cloudonix|Hybrid is a carrier grade Real-Time-Communications platform. It is designed for cases where an enterprise or carrier need to have part of the network under their control and inside their own network. 

Ranging from mobile video applications, to VoIP termination services, through MVNO – the Cloudonix|Hybrid architecture enables rapid development, deployment and scalability.

The Cloudonix|Hybrid is currently deployed in production environments with 6 different customers, managing over 2,000,000 endpoints worldwide


Cloudonix|SDK is a mobile and Web Software-development kit, enabling users to building real-time IP voice and video communications into web experiences, mobile applications, IoT enabled devices, and wearable technologies. Currently it is being used for over 150,000,000 minutes of voice and video every month.