Asterisk Blitz Class

Asterisk Blitz Class

Asterisk Blitz Class a three-day Asterisk course designed to equip you with the basic knowledge and skills necessary for an entry-level Asterisk maintainer. A unique combination of lectures and practical lab exercises, this class familiarizes you with Asterisk and the environment in which it operates. This class will take you from a freshly installed Linux Server to a fully configured and working Asterisk PBX.

* Previous experience with Linux, Asterisk or IP Telephony is not required.

At the end of the training class, you will be able to:

  • Identify the purpose and primary functionality of Asterisk as a PBX and as an application development platform
  • List the functionality associated with a traditional PBX
  • Define the operating system environments in which Asterisk is developed and supported
  • Describe the telephony connections which Asterisk supports and identify the Digium hardware needed to enable this connectivity
  • Identify the basic characteristics of analog and digital PSTN connections and how VoIP compares and contrasts with these
  • Install and run Asterisk from the packages available for download from
  • Configure Asterisk to deliver basic PBX functionality, including basic call routing, voicemail and directory services
  • Learn the basics of Linux in order to be an effective Asterisk administrator

Course Format

The Asterisk Blitz Class is a three-day course. Class will begin at 9:30 AM on the first day and each day thereafter at 8:30 AM. The class will consist of a combination of lectures and lab exercises. Class typically runs until 5:00 PM, except for the last day where it goes until 3:00 PM, depending on circumstances in the classroom.

Class Materials and Cool Stuff

The following Digium course materials are included in the cost of the course:

  • Training Courseware

To register for class, or to see a list of upcoming classes, browse the Course Schedule.

To speak with a Training Specialist about Asterisk Blitz Class call +972 (732) 557799 or send us a message.

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