Greenfield Announces the Limited Public Beta of Its Service

Cloudonix is changing the way that the industry builds communication platforms

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 Netanya, Israel – May 3, 2017 – Greenfield, Tech Delivered, announced today that after 2 years in private beta, its 5th generation cloud platform is now available to the public. aims to challenge the currently accepted paradigm, of creating mobile applications – to the creation of mobile enabled platforms and services.

Since its first generation, back in 2008, Greenfield had identified that the traditional minutes/channels/volume business model, that is so customary in our industry is flawed – and has since then been experimenting with alternative business models, platform architectures, service models and service verticals. provides a highly robust IaaS environment, empowering multiple market verticals with and economical solution for expanding communication services. provides a set of REST APIs and mobile development SDKs, to provide a complete solution to the developer and the enterprise.

As Nir Simionovich, Greenfield’s founder and CEO explains, “There is a great demand to provide services and APPs that can benefit from voice and video. However, if this is not your core expertise or core business, it will post a challenge both technically and economically. The IaaS and SDK is designed, unlike other options, to enable them [ customers] to do this in a way that encourages them to grow rather than penalizing them for succeeding.”

Eric Klein, Greenfield’s VP Operations and EMEA Sales expands: “Cloudonix’s motto is simple: Build services, not apps – emphasizing that applications are nothing on their own. If the service is designed and built correctly – success is around the corner. We aim to be part of that success, enabling our customers’ growth, continued technical excellence and unprecedented service level.”

With customers using the technology on three continents, the platform is already supporting more than 5 million end users to enable various use cases. These include secure communications back to call center, enhanced media and content services, Wi-Fi calling, carrier VAS and IN replacement platforms, mobile carrier switching platforms and more.

Nir continues, “Mobile OTT is hard. Even devices in the same version and line can differ greatly making it hard for developers to support every state change – like from headset to speaker. The mobile SDKs take that complexity away from the developer and enables them to concentrate on the functionality that sets them apart from other APPs and services.”

Nir will be presenting at Kamailio World in Berlin May 8 – 10th, if you would like to schedule a meeting with him please contact Eric.

About Greenfield:

Greenfield was established April 2007, and has grown from its roots as a consulting company for Open Source and now provides creative high-end solutions and services for telecom operators and real-time communication platforms. We believe that for every complex problem there is a simple and elegant solution. We build systems that others believe are impossible, providing a higher ROI.

Our experienced and devoted team of technology experts develop and manage smart and unique solutions to complex needs.