Our History

Established 2007, Greenfield had significantly changed over the years, from its original inception. Originally established as an Open Source Telecommunication consultancy and development bureau, Greenfield had rapidly morphed into a premier solution provider for High End telecommunication solutions. While originally focused on providing High End services to Carrier Class Asterisk installations, Greenfield had rapidly assimilated additional technologies, ranging from the Kamailio Open Source SIP Server, monitoring and network facility projects (Homer, Icinga, Nagios, Nessus, etc) and others.

GreenfieldTech is lead by a seasoned team of highly experienced experts, and lead by CEO and founder Nir Simionovich, a world renowned technologist.

In 2015, Greenfield started its Greenhouse initiative, an attempt to promote proper usage of Cloud and Telecom related technologies. Greenhouse quickly became the home of several Greenfield projects. Read more about the Greenhouse initiative here.

Our Business Ethics

Leadership and Mentorship
Results Oriented

Core Technology Competencies

SIP and WebRTC
iOS Development (Core and Application)
Android Development (Core and Application)
VoIP Security
Cloud Technologies
Infrastructure Management