Uber Asterisk Class

Uber Asterisk Class – The Next Level

The Uber Asterisk Class is a five-day hands-on course that covers the knowledge and skills an advanced Asterisk administrator or developer, should know to be effective at their job. It is a combination of both lectures and labs designed to give the students both the theory behind the concepts and the hands-on experience to be able to effectively deploy Asterisk-based solutions.

In Uber Asterisk Class, students will learn to create advanced dial plans, innovative communication solutions and more. Students will explore other realms of real-time communications, such as connecting with CPaaS providers, termination and origination services and more.

Class Topics

Uber Asterisk Class is designed to prepare Linux/Unix consultants, interconnect vendors, enterprise IT personnel , and ITSP/telco systems administrators to configure, manage and troubleshoot Asterisk-based VoIP systems. Topics covered in the course include:

  • Asterisk dialplan syntax and best practices
  • Call monitoring, Call Recording, RTP, RTCP, Wireshark and more
  • SIP and IAX protocols
  • Connecting Asterisk to a VoIP provider
  • CDRs and CELs
  • Call Queues and Call Center Basics
  • Using AMI (Asterisk Manager Interface) to control Asterisk from an external program
  • Using AGI (Asterisk Gateway Interface) to execute external scripts and connect Asterisk to external APIs.
  • Connecting Asterisk to a relational database such as MySQL
  • Troubleshooting your Asterisk system
  • Asterisk and Linux Security to maintain a secure system.
Course Format

Uber Asterisk Class is a five-day course. Class will begin at 9:30 AM on the first day and each day thereafter at 8:30 AM. The class will consist of a combination of lectures and lab exercises. Class typically runs until 5:00 PM, depending on circumstances in the classroom.

Class Materials and Cool Stuff

The following Digium course materials are included in the cost of the course:

  • Training Courseware


Linux Knowledge:
  • Have installed and worked in a Linux environment.
  • Know how to manipulate files and perform basic administrative tasks from the command line.
  • Know how to use a text editor to modify configuration files.
Asterisk Experience:
  • Have installed Asterisk from source or installation packages.
  • Know where Asterisk configs are located, and how to read and use sample config files.
  • Know the general format/syntax of the Asterisk dialplan and the basic dialplan applications.
  • Asterisk CLI: Know how to connect to remote Asterisk sessions and administer them using basic CLI commands.
  • Know how to register and use VoIP devices (phones) and providers with Asterisk.
Recommended Skills:
  • Have general knowledge of VoIP protocols, especially SIP and IAX including generally how they work and what ports they use.
  • Programming and scripting experience: Have some familiarity with programming and scripting languages such as C, C++, Bash, Perl, etc.

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