Greenfield Tech enables real-time voice and video communications through customized software and network solutions for mobile and the Web

Messaging & APIs


Telecom is software. GreenFieldTech can help you bridge messaging and APIs, enabling A2P and P2P communication for 2 factor authentication, marketing, emergency notifications and customer service.



Video calling, conferencing and streaming is not just the future, it is the today’s reality. GreenfieldTech builds video and web apps that provide high quality video over mobile and low bandwidth connections. From state of the art technology for wearable devices, streaming and broadcasting networks, we can do it all.


icons-02 Voice is increasingly a feature not a service. GreenFieldTech can help you deliver voice from the PSTN, SIP clients, SIP phone and Mobile Apps. From extending the life of legacy systems to creating the most state of the art wearable communications devices, we are experts at your service.