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All roads lead to Rome.
Only one is the shortest path.

  • The Stack!

    “If you don’t control the stack, the stack controls you!” – Oded Arbel

    In an ever changing world of Cloud services and DevOps paradigms – the stack is everything and everything is the stack. The sheer number of possibilities is mind boggling and everything is confusing. Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure – which is the correct one for your deployment? Which one is the most economical? Which makes sense? This is where we come in.

    With over 10 years of Cross-Cloud experience, over 25 years of Open Source experience and innovation – we are among the very few companies that actually understand the cloud. The cloud isn’t someone else’s computer, nor is it just a simple virtual machine. A cloud architecture takes multiple aspects of your requirement into consideration, building the correct, economical, operational cloud construct – to make sure you are successful.

    Building VoIP and WebRTC platform in the cloud is not a skill – it’s an art. Ranging from optimising media traversal paths and optimising remote queries, architecting your stack to do the right thing isn’t simple. We had been building scalable VoIP/WebRTC services in the cloud since 2009 – actually, we’ve won awards for these developments. Not sure? just give us a call and let’s talk.

  • Masters of Technology

    “We need to learn something new every day” – Nir Simionovich

    Our team is highly devoted, technical and most importantly – professional. We don’t see ourselves as your contractor or as your partner – we see ourselves as an integral part of you. This enables us to become fully involved with your product, its reasoning and what you want it to be. For us, understanding you fully is the basic of all customer interactions – and this is the only way that leads to product success.

    Here is a partial list of our core expertise:

    • Cloud Infrastructure – Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Digital Ocean
    • DevOps – Amazon Cloudformation, Terraform, Chef, Puppet, Ansible
    • VoIP and WebRTC – Asterisk, Kamailio, OpenSIPS, Freeswitch, PJSIP, SIPml5, jsSIP, rtpproxy, rtpengine
    • Databases – MySQL, MariaDB, Aurora, PostgreSQL
    • Frontends – HTML5, jQuery, Angular, Polymer
    • Languages – C, C++, Java, Ruby, Python, Node.JS, PHP, GoLang
    • There is so much more, there isn’t enough space – with a combined experience poll of over 60 years, we more than just engineers

  • Zen and Development

    Zen and the art of product development

    “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” – Leonardo da Vinci
    “I didn’t get it first time, I think we need to re-do it” – Nir Simionovich
    “This code can be done in a more elegant way, let’s re-factor” – Oded Arbel
    “This UX is still missing something” – Eric Klein
    “We build the impossible, simply because someone said we can’t!” – The Greenfield Team

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