The right way

All roads lead to Rome.
Only one is the shortest path.

  • Architecture

    Choosing the right architecture for your product isn’t an easy task. In a world filled with options, what is the right path? Ranging from Open Source utilization, through cloud infrastructure up to scaleable hardware infrastructure – we make it our business to be aware and understand all the implications of utilizing any of there.

    We believe that staying on top with as many technologies as possible provides us an edge, in creating best of bread solutions. Be in building hybrid cloud solutions, combining between native mobile code and portable code paradigms – we see it as our business to know these and provide our customers with the best possible solution.

  • Team

    Our team is highly devoted, technical and most importantly – professional. We don’t see ourselves as your contractor or as your partner – we see ourselves as an integral part of you. This enables us to become fully involved with your product, its reasoning and what you want it to be. For us, understanding you fully is the basic of all customer interactions – and this is the only way that leads to product success.

    Our team is built of mobile architects, mobile developers, back-end architects, back-end developers, cloud computing experts, fraud analysis experts, open source evangelists and highly experienced product managers. We are your one stop shop for your product development and launch.

  • Culture

    We are techno-geeks!

    Yes, we admit it, we are 100%, fully fledged, true to our being techno-geeks. What does that mean? it means that pop culture is in our blood and we love it. We take our work very seriously, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We know how to take a joke, dish one out – and most importantly, we know how to laugh at our mistakes and from time to time, even enjoy doing them.

    Our corporate DNA includes references to almost any Marvel/DC comic, Luc Besson movies and more. It is so much rooted into our culture that we promote weekly beer days, in-depth discussions about Whisky, Whiskey and other types of alcohol. No, we are not hipsters – we are techno-geeks.

  • Zen and Development

    Zen and the art of product development

    “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” – Leonardo da Vinci

    “I didn’t get it first time, I think we need to re-do it” – Nir Simionovich

    “This code can be done in a more elegant way, let’s re-factor” – Oded Arbel

    “This UX is still missing something” – Eric Klein

    “We build because we can, we innovate we want” – The Greenfield Team

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