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    Greenfield.Tech delivers unique VoIP and WebRTC technology solutions. Ranging from in-app to in-web, our team masters them all.

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Tech Delivered – The Right Way

Greenfield is a consultancy firm, located in the Startup Nation (Israel), providing high end telecom and RTC consulting and development services. Greenfield had been recognized by multiple companies around the world as a leader in its field – providing services to some of the world’s most famous brands.

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We love meeting and talking to people – our office doors are always open and welcoming. If you would like to discuss a potential project, regardless of what it is, we welcome you to visit us for a coffee. You will always get our honest opinion and our experience.


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A Bit of History

  • History

    Founded in 2007, Greenfield had provided consulting and development services to over 400 enterprises world wide. Ranging from early-stage startups up to Fortune 100 companies, Greenfield is delivering innovative technology and solutions.


  • Accomplishments

    Since its inception, Greenfield had been the technology driving force behind over 400 different ventures, established enterprises and telecom carriers. Our list of customers include companies like GoDaddy.Com, Bezeq, 012 (Partner), 012Global, Voicenter, Pelephone and others.


  • Committed

    Greenfield’s technology leadership has been involved in the establishment of highly successful companies, some of which had been valued (and acquired) for hundreds of millions of dollars. We take high pride in the success of customers – their success is our success. Among these you may find Jajah (Acquired by Telefonica), PokeTalk (Acquired by Voxox) and others.

  • Open Source

    We are passionate about Open Source – and we actively contribute to community projects. Our passion for sharing our know-how and our experience is known world-wide. Ranging from our periodical meetups to our conference talks, we see ourselves as pivotal elements of the Open Source community and we strive to advance it.

  • Process

    Over the years we’ve devised a process, guaranteed to achieve the best possible results. Starting with careful analysis of your requirements, in-depth SWOT analysis of your objectives and then a careful design of the project – we ALWAYS hit our marks. Our team of highly dedicated and experienced engineers will make sure you hit your targets, even those you’re not yet aware of.

  • Honesty

    We tend to be brutally honest, which means you may not always like what we tell you. We see ourselves not only as developers and consultants, we see ourselves as mentors and guides. If you come to us with the most amazing idea (and you truly believe it) and we believe you are wrong, we will tell you that – we won’t make you spend your cash on something we believe is a bad idea.

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