Cloudonix|SDK for Mobile & Web

The Cloudonix|SDK enables implementation of voice, video and messaging services for websites, mobile apps, and video broadcasting services.

You can create apps for:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Linux


  • No limit on the number of clients issued by the SDK
  • Latest stable version of PJSIP
  • Latest stable version of WebRTC media engine – replacing the normal PJMEDIA library of PJSIP
  • Proper NAT & ICE handling in the application


  • Opus
  •  G711 uLaw
  •  G711 aLaw
  • Additional codec support is available at additional cost

Client status monitoring:

  • Jitter Measure
  • Jitter buffer usage
  • Delay and Latency
  • MoS Scoring from Server
  • Microphone muted
  • Volume level under threshold
  • Speaker on/off
  • Client not registered