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The Greenfield Greenhouse initiative is a new breed of incubator. In the past, technology incubators were a means of obtaining some minimal funding, probably some mentorship and if you were lucky and played your cards right, maybe, just maybe you didn’t have to give much of your equity away.

In the Greenhouse we incubate 2 types of projects and start-ups. Those that were created internally at Greenfield or those who asked our guidance and mentorship. The rules of joining the Greenhouse are as following:

1.We will host no more than 4 projects in the Greenhouse

2.We do not offer funding

3.We do not take equity from your idea

4.We do not provide development services

5.We do provide mentorship and guidance, both technical and business

6.We will provide with a place to work on your project, for up to 3 months, as you incubate your idea

7.Projects in the Greenhouse are required to utilize other Greenhouse projects technology – we strive to cross pollinate projects

To be accepted to the Greenhouse, follow this link and fill our contact form. Describe your project and schedule a meeting with us. Even if you’re not accepted to the Greenhouse, meeting with us may provide you with additional information, insights and guidance.