Private Asterisk Classes

Sometimes, the public Asterisk training that is available isn’t the right one for your company. Regardless of your Asterisk usage, GreenfieldTech can custom tailor an Asterisk class exactly for your needs. Be it an Asterisk application developer’s class or just a 4 hours Asterisk seminar for manager – we are able to facilitate your requirements. Our process of creating a customer class includes:

  • Analysis of the current usage of Asterisk on customer premises
  • Analysis of the future usage of Asterisk on customer premises
  • Understanding what the customer is trying to achieve
  • Building a unique syllabus, based upon the customer’s requirements
  • Working with external lecturing resources if required
  • Building a knowledge verification procedure and testing methodology
  • Performing training on customer location or at GreenfieldTech facilities

Some of the private classes that we’ve rendered include:

  • Asterisk for Managers – a four hour seminar about VoIP and Asterisk
  • Asterisk for Decision makers – a four hour Asterisk seminar for telecom experts
  • Asterisk for Application Developers – a 5 day development class with PHP, including AGI and AMI development
  • Asterisk for System Architects – a 2 day Asterisk platform design seminar for telecom consultants

To learn more about our customer tailored classes, click here.