At GreenfieldTech we are passionate about creating new exciting things. We love the thrill of going into the wild, and challenging old time paradigms and concepts with new and innovative thinking.

Cloud computing, virtualized data centers, NFV’s, NVF’s and SDN – a multitude of technologies and tools, all directly targeted at taking the various hardware bound elements of the 90’s and early 2000’s and pushing them back into software elements.

How the world has progressed – amazing! We implement multi gigabit networks, over a set of virtual switches – that exist only at the software side of a virtualization framework. Eventually it’s all interconnected via physical links, of course we can’t do away with those, but the agility of the software definition process, for defining hardware/network virtualized constructs – it’s mind boggling and amazing at the same time.

With all vendors rushing towards providing carriers with Network Function Virtualization, Software Defined Networks and Server Virtualization – the fact still remains – all of these are fairly target oriented. Ericsson has their own “flavor” of OpenStack for managing their own NFV and SDN framework. Cisco has another flavor, I believe based on VMWARE, and so on with the others. At the end of the day, they do supply you with what you wanted, as long as you comply to their constructs. What happens if you want your own virtualization environment? go and build your own. So, we’re back to the same old question of IT management, IT procurement and so on.

As previously stated, we like challenging the norms, taking existing services and paradigms and simply flipping them on their heads, saying: “Wow, why didn’t we think about that one before?” – that is why we built Cloudonix.

Cloudonix is not your normal carrier platform. It is the carrier multi-morphing LEGO/MECCANO set. Today, engineers are taught LEGO building in college, why not use the same paradigms for developing VoIP Carrier services? Cloudonix provides a platform for developing applications and services, with a focus on telecom services, while keeping in mind that carriers need to scale and grow rapidly.

What have we built with Cloudonix? let’s name a few carrier functions that we’ve already implemented in the past:

1. Carrier Voicemail Services
2. Network Number Translation Services
3. Network Number Portability Services
4. Network Information Services (Talking Clock, Weather, Etc)
5. Prepaid Calling Card Services
6. Mobile Client Services

The implementation and adaptation of these, using the Cloudonix platform, is far more economical than using the traditional vendor tools. You are probably asking: “But, some of these I get for free from my vendor” – that is far from the truth. You may get them for free at the beginning, but as time goes by maintenance, upgrades, and general operations will take much of your OPEX. Cloudonix is built to reduce these costs dramatically, allowing you to move forward faster with your business. Every carrier knows the following math:

1. Obtaining a new customer – ~ $50 USD
2. Keeping an existing customer – ~ $100 USD
3. Annual Average Gross income per customer – ~ $300 USD
4. Annual net-revenue per customer – ~ $200 USD

That means, if you can either reduce number 2, or enlarge number 3, you’ll be just fine. If we can reduce your annual cost of a mailbox from $1 USD to $0.2 USD, the numbers start adding up fast.

Cloudonix was built with the cloud in mind, which means it can be installed and integrated as either an on-premise installation, a fully virtualized platform inside your network or obtained as a cloud-service from GreenfieldTech. When working with our cloud-service, you gain not only the service, but also access to our “development” process, where we introduce new carrier features to our Cloudonix cloud on a monthly basis. We always add new features and new capabilities; we always grow our network and we constantly monitor it for quality.

Cloudonix is a family of services creation tools. Ranging from a mobile SDK for both Android and iOS, that will speed up your mobile application development processes. Up to a full blown services platform, fully API driven and accompanied with an open API for easy integration. The Cloudonix family is ideal for carriers, providing the agility of cloud services (eg. Twilio, Tropo) with the stability and robustness carriers expect from carrier oriented tools.

All flavors of Cloudonix were designed with a specific goal: “Customer growth enablement through financial predictability and stability”. What does it mean? it means that our pricing models, for all flavors of Cloudonix are not license centric, they are not user centric – they are built upon a different model – specially tailored for both the start-up carrier, the growing carrier, and multi-million user carrier.

Will Cloudonix help your business? W
hy not simply reach out to us and let’s talk. One of our engineers will be more than happy to listen and learn more about your requirements – only then will we present a Cloudonix solution that will be both technically viable and economical, for your requirements.