The following is a select list of a few of our customers, show casing what our capabilities and track records. Since 2007, GreenfieldTech has had the honor of serving over 250 different customers and completing over 300 different projects. We take pride in our customers’ success, as we see ourselves as an integral part of them.

Jajah (Currently owned by 02 Telefonica)

During our work with Jajah, GreenfieldTech had performed various Proof-Of-Concept work on the various future Jajah services. Work included various technical investigations into the worlds of SIP signalling, Asterisk scalability and stability and an investigation of various SIP based infrastructures and paradigms.


Vodafone (Sub-Contracting for Virtus-IT)

During this project, GreenfieldTech had been asked to provide a Proof-Of-Concept for an IP Phone content management and control system, in order to unify the user experience between various phones. The work included the development of an IP Phone proprietary XML engine and renderer, to be able to create a similar interface for both SNOM and Polycom phones.

012 Global (The US Subsidiary of 012 Smile)

012 Global is a US based calling cards and call plans operator. During this project, GreenfieldTech had been asked to provide a highly scalable Asterisk based prepaid application engine, capable of interfacing with the 012 Global provisional and billing backends. The project performed had been in full operation since 2008 and is currently serving over 15M minutes per month.


After various technical issues exhibited by their Asterisk PBX based system, 10Bis had approached GreenfieldTech for assistance. As GreenfieldTech doesn’t install or maintain PBX systems for its customers, 10Bis were advised to train one of their technical staff to manage the system – and take ownership of their “Pseudo-Proprietary” Asterisk system. After the training, 10Bis with the assistance of GreenfieldTech had completely re-installed the PBX system, adjusting to the fine needs of 10Bis – while taking into consideration various security related issues and servers lock down.



Mishloha is an online restaurant and take-out reservation and ordering service. Previously to approaching GreenfieldTech, Mishloha were operating a FreePBX based system to operate their service. Mishloha had approached GreenfieldTech to provide support for their growing platform, however, the existing installation was diagnosed as insufficient. Following an analysis and development phase, the system was re-built from scratch, utilizing various XML-RPC based web services, enabling the growth of the service. The system had been in full operation since June 2010 and servers thousands of orders on a daily basis.

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