Company Management


Nir Simionovich, CEO

Nir is a highly acclaimed Asterisk and VoIP platforms developer, architect and evangelist. Mr. Simionovich had provided development and consulting services to companies such as: Jajah (acquired by Telefonica), PokeTalk (acquired by voxox), 012Global, Global1Touch, Marathon Telecom, Bezeq and other companies in the Telecom and Web 2.0 industry.

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OdedOded Arbel, Chief Architect Guru

Oded has more than 17 years of software development experience, including designing the long term architecture and managing development teams for which provides content recommendation via widgets on many sites – “Content You May Like.”

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Eric Klein, VP Operations and Sales RoW

Eric is a veteran of the telecom industry, having worked for companies like MCI, Cellcom and StartHome. Mr. Klein has in depth experience with IP technologies and the telecom industry.  He has been a Grant reviewer for grant applications for the US Department of Commerce Broadband Initiatives (BIP) Program and Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP). Eric co-wrote RFC4864 – Local Network Protection for IPv6

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